Who should attend?
Professionals who are employees of CBC member companies and  are on the fast track for increased responsibility at any level of the organization.  Key executives, high-performers, and emerging leaders are good candidates. These people are nominated by the CEO/senior management. They have fiscal accountability, hire and fire employees, and work on strategy of the organization.
How often do The Discovery Groups meet?

The first CBC Discovery Group started in Jan of 2018. Since that time, all Groups meet nine times/year (no meeting in August or December) with an optional social gathering at the request of the Group.

What's the commitment?
Members are asked to  commit to a one-year minimum membership. Meeting attendance is required. This builds collaboration and connection.
Where and when will the meetings be held?
Meetings are held at a members’ office/location (or other meeting space), or virtually depending on schedules. Each Group decides the time for each 2-hour meeting. Currently, Groups usually meet early in the day, or over lunch time, and the host provides a simple breakfast or lunch.
Why join a Discovery Group?
Membership in a round table group helps  provide a multitude of  insights from peers who are in the industry.  Companies grow faster when they have members in roundtable groups.
How will the groups be formed?
The facilitators have had decades of experience in starting,  forming and transforming groups.  The groups will be chosen to increase the diversity of opinions, eliminate competitive relationships and enhance the safety and effectiveness of the groups.  That being said, it takes 6 to 12 months for a group to become high-performing.
What if a Group has already started? Can employees come in to an established Group?
Yes, the facilitators will help place employees in a Group that supports development and camaraderie.
What is the investment?
$2,800 per member/year and any course materials. A portion of this fee is donated back to the Chicago Building Congress.
How do I nominate someone?
Once received, the candidate’s application will be sent to a Board of Directors’ Committee. This Committee reviews all applications to make sure the candidate’s qualifications align with other potential or current members and there are no conflicts of interest. Once a potential Group has met the minimum number of qualified candidates, they and the person who nominated them, will receive an email offering directions for payment.  Full payment must be received before the first meeting.
I have more questions...who do I talk to?

Contact Evie Caprel, evie@break-through.us 630-918-0760