Our Facilitators

Evie Caprel

Evie started her first company at age 26 and ran it for 11 years. Now she takes her experience in entrepreneurship and deep understanding of the Lifecycle of the Small Business Owner to leadership teams and Associations.

Evie has deep experience with both sides of Associations – as a contractor and employee of several Associations, and on the Board of Directors of Healing Beyond Borders. She has been an Associate Executive Director, Marketing Consultant and special event/meeting planner and producer.

She’s also extremely passionate about wellness, mindfulness and stress resilience. The BreakThrough Moments Methodology she and her husband Tom developed blends business acumen with techniques that remove blocks and open possibilities.

Evie gives presentations at national and international Conferences, and as well as to small companies and Fortune 500 corporations throughout Chicagoland. She also facilitates the “BreakThrough Women Leaders’ Group”.


Tom Caprel, Sr.

Known for being creative, driven and passionate in his pursuit of helping businesses and the people that lead them reach their full potential, Tom is a catalyst for change and development for small to medium sized enterprises.

Tom was a successful entrepreneur for more than 25 years, starting and growing several businesses prior to founding BreakThrough Results, Inc. As an innovative entrepreneur, he developed a passion for the leading trends in organizational and leadership development which led him to step out of his last technology business and create a powerful management consulting and strategy practice that has served clients for close to two decades.

Cultivating individual and corporate transformations using his Breakthrough Moments Methodology, Tom has never lost his passion for teaching business leaders how to “break through” their toughest, most change resistant issues individually or as a facilitator in round table groups. The result? People take advantage of their most outstanding opportunities, ones they never thought they could create and handle.