Typical Agenda

Typical Meeting Agenda

  • Begins promptly at 7AM and ends promptly at 9 AM (Simple Breakfast)
  • Group “Check-in” each individual shares, one personal and one professional key item from the month prior.
  • Group presentation. Introduction of a topic with a presentation following. (May be an outside speaker or group facilitator)
    • Well formulated Asks are critical.
    • The Ask has to be a real need, meaningful and important to you
    • Included are: what, when, where, etc.
    • An Ask is not a goal. It’s something that helps you achieve a goal.The Ask: each member then has an ask.
  • Group vote. The group vote on the best Ask and then processes it as a team
  • Follow-up partner – the facilitator lists “Asks” and requests a follow-up partner to help that member with their “ask”
  • Meeting closing evaluation – at the meetings close the group rates the session (1 = awful, 10 = amazing)

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